re-visiting my alma-mater

Today was my first step back to my alma mater: University of Central Florida. Man-oh-man - what changes have been made over 15 yrs. As I drove my Beast 30 or so miles in the rain, I became unbelievably anxious … I’m familar with the streets around the area (prime shopping), but the direction of the university made me shiver - even with my seat heater on … Wow - it’s exploded! There are parking garages where there once were woods and buildings where there once were just dirt parking lots. Does that make me old as dirt? I ran into “Visitor Information” and got a $4 day parking pass … and headed off into the unknown. I found the biology center - and after a few wrong turns, found the department to get my over-ride for Molec Cell Biology. The preteen looked at me like I had three heads when I said I was a biology major: “are you a first term student?” What do I say to that? I graduated from UCF about 15 yrs ago - got my BSME - but they weren’t even in preschool then - and I’m certainly not in their “system”. Anyway, as I trotted around (rain dripping from my chin), I couldn’t find the OASIS building (what does OASIS stand for?), I called a friend for some re-direction. She said “it’s the old brick building adjacent to the bookstore”. Hummmmmm the book store now resembles a Barnes & Noble and the OLD building is there — but has nothing to do with OASIS. Hummmm again. Ohhhhh - she means the brick building that’s about 5 yrs old - not the one I was looking toward - the one with crumbling motar that I consider OLD. Anyway, I found the office, enrolled, and headed for the bookstore to buy myself $150 worth of UCF-wear. I’m sporting my new sweatshirt already. I want to quit my job, sell my house and move in with a roommate so I can “go back to college” and do it the right way this time. Have some fun, have some focus and enjoy the opportunity to relive some of the days that should have been the best of my life… Crap, I felt old, I felt out of place, I felt scared, but man-oh-man, I felt excited! What’s my chance of making this dream come true? Who knows, but thought I’d share some more enthusiasm with ya’ll … have a great holiday and enjoy a few weeks between terms Oldpremeds! Oh, and anyone want to buy a Beast — my much too big SUV won’t even fit into the tiny spaces in the parking garage — newfound motivation to unload this debt-machine!

Hello from a local, if not a native. Glad you had a chance to get back to your alma mater, as different as it may be…
UCF has changed so much that their football team no longer stinks :stuck_out_tongue: I live not far from there, and UCF’s been making big news lately, between that and the proposal to build a med school.

Hi Laura.
I am so excited for you, and I know very much how you feel. I too live in Orlando and am amazed at how much UCF has changed. I took classes there years ago, but graduated from an out of state school because UCF was too big for me back then…I would be interested in hearing who you spoke with and how they responded to you other than providing the override. I wonder if it’s the same prof I spoke with. Are you enrolling for just a few courses or did you select one of the bio programs? If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to meet up with you sometime, somewhere. I also want to quit much of my regular life and just go for it, but I have only been able to do that about half-way thus far. I certainly won’t be offended if you don’t, but feel free to email me and we can arrange to get together if you have time.