Ready for school to begin?

Only 10 days until school starts for me! This summer really flew by. I met with my pre-med advisor yesterday just so he could get to know my face and was really encouraged about the upcoming year. :slight_smile:

Everyone else all ready?


My school year begins Sept. 5th, for this, the 2nd of a non-official post-bac. program. The upcoming semester’s courses includes:

  • Organic Chem I

  • Dynamic Histology

  • Molecular Biology

  • Physiology

I just can't wait to get started.

Good luck to you!


I’m getting pretty excited as well – my semester consists of Orgo I, Physics I and Molecular Bio, along with a volunteer experience on one of the surgery floors of a major urban hospital. Fabulous!

I’m not so excited…or I guess I am…but not quite about my schedule. I’m rather excited about being able to take it easy and relax before heavy load next year…providing that I make it into some medical school .

I’m taking synthesis requirement course (one of the general education requirements) - BIODEFENCE; I’m taking HONORS SEMINAR IN BIOLOGY - it’s quite interesting, but not really too much work! Just lots of reading of scientific atricles - which I don’t mind b/c the topics are usually very interesting. Another, quite boring class is an IT general eduaction requirement - not to make things too complicated I dediced to get it out of the way by taking a basic IT class, and the most interesting class + quite challenging, so my brain doesn’t get too rusty is VACCINES class!

I’m starting next week. Meanwhile I’m just going to enjoy one more week with no books (or rather no course books, because I’m trying to catch up with my reading otherwise) + finish up on those secondaries.