ready to join the group--sort of!!!

Recently, I discovered the resources and support of this cyber-fellowship for non-traditional medical school applicants/students. I have read many of the personal stories and experiences shared by others and I am sincerely thankful for their willingness to do so.

I have found the personal diaries to be the most intriguing and rewarding resource for me. As a silent participant, I have found inspiration, courage, and a sense that I am not alone in this adventure. I, too, would be willing to add to this resource for others by sharing my own stories and experiences as I continue on the path to becoming a physician.

However, I find comfort in the shadows of anonymity and wonder if others would be interested in the personal diary of a person who leaves identifying attributes out or purposefully makes them vague—at least until a certain level of comfort is achieved with the whole on-line sharing thing.

Can anybody tell me how “safe” our identities are with this website (I have already submitted personal information to register, but I am assuming this is not public information)? Also, how would one go about starting a diary page-if anybody would be interested with the afore-mentioned stipulations?

Welcome! I wouldn’t worry too much about the identity safety, but that’s just me. Not sure about starting a diary, but keep in mind that you should assume that anything you post anywhere on the internet may be read by anyone, even years later. Small chance maybe, but possible. So, if you want “safe,” the safe thing (and wisest) to do is not post anything that you don’t want _________ (fill in the blank: family, friend, employer, adcom member etc.) to see. Privacy is largely an illusion made possible by a lack of interest/importance. :slight_smile: