Ready to Take the Next Steps

Hi Everyone,

I’m a 28 y/o military spouse living in rural England with the Air Force. I’m working on the last pieces of my BS in Business Management, and know after much research and discussion that I absolutely want to pursue medicine. I feel like now is the time to start making moves because I’m not getting any younger, and My husband and I would like to start a family one day and I’d prefer to make my way through school child-free.

Few questions:

  1. Due to our location and uncertainty of where our next duty location will be after our 3 year tour (half over), I’ve been trying to find general rule of thumb prerequisites. Everything I’ve read is different and each school seems to have different requirements, which is to be expected, I just need a little help to identify any blanket requirements as a general rule of thumb.

  2. Due to our location, I’d need to complete the remainder of my prereqs online. How is this viewed when applying to medical schools? I don’t have many options based on our current location; however, if it will harm more than help, I’d like to have an idea so I can either re-assess my plan or search for other options in the economy.

I have also toyed with the thought of commissioning with the Air Force if it comes down to it, but right now that is my last resort.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate any help or insight.

Hello, Hortonsm! Appreciate your and your spouse’s sacrifices for the country! Thank you both.

Here are my thoughts…

First, I’d encourage you to finish up that B.S. if you’re close to it! Knock that degree out.

Second, the landscape is changing on prerequisites but a survey of most programs suggests the following:

  1. 2 semesters general biology with laboratories
  2. 2 semesters general chemistry with laboratories
  3. 2 semesters organic chemistry with laboratories*
  4. 2 semesters general physics with laboratories
  5. 1 to 2 semesters quantitative (e.g., calculus, bio-statistics, statistics)
  6. 1 to 2 semesters social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology)
  • Several schools will accept 1 semester organic chemistry and 1 semester biochemistry

Every program is different so I strongly recommend spending a few hours on programs’ websites (or on MSAR, but websites are free!) to understand what’s required, what’s recommended, and what is changing, if anything (e.g., one program lists current prerequisites for 2019 entry but new prerequisites for 2020 entry).

If you’re in the UK for awhile check out American Universities Abroad. It’s a consortium of private US universities outside the US, non-profit, accredited, and eligible for financial aid. In the UK, there is Richmond The American International University in London. There are a few more throughout Europe in the event your next post is in Europe.

Others please weigh in. Hopefully we can all help out with ideas.

Good luck!