Real numbers.

I need some help finding real numbers here.
Of non-traditional pre-meds. Anually, how many apply to med-schools and how many are accepted? Vs, how many traditional pre-meds apply and how many are accepted? And do theese numbers change significantly between Allo. and Ostio. schools? And, does having a specialty in mind (such as Anesthesiology) bear any weight on the application?
Any insights or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t already I would go to and see what they’ve got. Worst case you’ll have to go to each school you plan to apply to and see what their numbers are from their websites.
On another note it sounds by the tone of your posts that you are looking for how realistic it would be for you to become a physician. That question can only be answered by you and your desire. Many people have gotten in with sub-par GPA’s and MCAT scores and there have been many who haven’t gotten with stellar scores.
Getting to my point…the facts don’t matter if the dreams big enough. May sound too cliche’ish but it’s true. There a number of people who are on this site who’ve made it and others trying. In the end it comes down to counting the costs, making a decision, and sticking with that decision.

I am still new to this, but am doing well. As with all big decisions there is always some fear. That is the fear of change, regardless of how excited you may feel about those changes.
With change comes fear! Out of fear comes hope!
I look hopefully and excitedly upon this monumental endever.

The AAMC (Ass’n of American Medical Colleges? I’m actually not sure what the acronym stands for!) publishes something called the MSAR each year: Medical Schools Admissions Requirements. This nifty book collects a whole lot of interesting data about allopathic medical schools. The individual schools are listed, but to be honest those listings aren’t that illuminating and the information you get won’t be that helpful. (You’ll hopefully be able to get more data from individual schools’ websites.)
But what IS very useful in the MSAR is the statistical summaries of who applies to med school and who gets in. I don’t have a current copy anywhere around, so I don’t know what the most recent version includes, but I’m sure that the data is still there in similar form.
When I was researching all this, I distinctly recall data on average MCAT score broken down by age. I also recall data about admission statistics by background (e.g. major) and I honestly just don’t recall if there was data by age - I’m thinking that there must have been. But there were LOTS of charts and graphs and much of what you’re asking about is probably in there.
The osteopathic organization undoubtedly has some similar data compiled and I hope one of our D.O.s will respond with guidance as I don’t know where to find it for the osteo schools.

Thank you so much for the guidance. I will look into obtaining MSAR immediately.