Reality Check

Well Im new here…I was told of this site, via myspace. I am a 30 year old mother of two, and military wife…wooo got that out of the way…I have recently decided I want to go into medicine…I have always researched and practiced homeopathic medicine, but after taken classes in microbiology and working the in the medical profession for years as a low man on the totem pole…I realize I really want to be an MD…I just do not know where to begin…I have over 110 hours in college credits…many are in psychology, but I do have a few in biology’s and chemistry’s…I plan on finishing my pre-med bac. in Colorado…Does anyone think Im crazy!..I am very motivated, and have a very supportive husband…I am just thinking about the fact of my age, and Do med schools look badly toward the ages of their candidates?..Any info…would be more than helpful…Thanks

I’ve trolled these forums for about a year now and I recall seeing one post where someone who was 50 got accepted into medical school. 30 is actually pretty young compared to some of the people on here. ducks from any impending blow!

If you have good grades (especially in the science classes) and you do well on your MCAT, you’ll be just as competitive as a 20-year-old pre-med. Hell, probably more, considering I can guarantee people close to my own age don’t take college or goals nearly as seriously…some of the people in my pre-calc class have made that painfully obvious.

You’re not crazy at all, in fact your years as a mom have probably made you far more sane than most of the people your classmates :slight_smile: Just keep plugging away. I think it is interesting that you are going from homeopath to MD – my father made the switch in the opposite direction. Out of curiosity, why the switch to MD and do you envision yourself incorporating natural medicine at all?

Dont get me wrong, I actually love homeopathic medicine…I actually am not sure what branch of MD I will be going into…I was in the beginning going for Medical Examiner,and was told you needed your MD,so coming out of psychology, I began all over again…Now some people say you dont need MD to be a Medical Examiner…I will have to look into it further along…I still have a year left in pre-med classes…I actually live in Germany right now, and they use many Homeopathic medicines even at their hospitals…i will just have to see what lane I need to go down first…Thanks for all your support

change your name to “young&delusional”. The delusional is about being “old” not about going into medicine. Sure your med school classmates will offer you geritol and mention how “i didn’t think you were that old” but in the end who cares.

Not sure about the homeopathy switch and it sounds like you might want to figure out why MD? Once you get the why the how and everything will fall into place.