Reapplicant changing personal statement

Hi all,

Nontraditional applicant new to this forum, hoping for some feedback about reapplying.

About me:

  • Pressured into medicine/MCAT --> first application with sGPA 3.1, 2 (old) MCAT tests 30, 31
  • Second application: figured out I actually do want to pursue medicine after working in research and gaining clinical experience. Retook MCAT in 2018 and got a 512. 2 years of clinical experience (with direct patient contact). No interviews.
  • Currently attending SMP that allows me to take classes with medical students. Did well up until this last block (online learning is not my friend) and hoping to end with a 3.7 GPA.
  • Third application: hopefully this cycle! Trying to focus on my upcoming final exams for now, and then “write like the wind.”

My question is this: how honest is too honest in a personal statement? In my previous statements, I didn’t talk about familial pressure, but it’s my honest answer to why I took the MCAT so many times and applied before I was ready (or even wanted to). Is this something I can briefly touch upon in my personal statement, or is this discouraged? Will it be a red flag that I didn’t mention this in my previous personal statements? How can I be honest without sounding like I’m making excuses?

Thank you!