Reasons why going to med school in your early 20's is a dumb idea.

Ok everyone, this thread is for the grown and sexy! And the following statements should be intrepreted in fun ONLY.

I was recently reading a thread about early to mid 20 somethings slaving in MD/PhD programs. And the first thing that came to my mind was I’m soooo glad I spent my 20’s living in 4 different states, 7 cities living it up! Partying at the club until the wee hous of the morning on Friday, getting up after 2 hours of sleep, and doing it again on Saturday. I say you haven’t lived until you’ve partied on South Beach to the likes of Luke (Skywalker)!!!

So imagine if I had spent my 20’s in med/grad school, then tired to make up for all the partying I missed after I was done. Dropping it like it’s hot in the club in your mid to late 30’s doesn’t seem nearly as appealing!

Also in jest…I also while in college off and on spent my 20s “dropping it like it’s hot!” I’m sfinishing my pre-reqs and bachelor degrees right now but I can still DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT!!! I’m not that tired yet!!!

I occasionally do Ciara’s Get Up video for excersie, so I still have a few moves left. But I am tired most of the time and wouldn’t dare do anything but the “I think I’m cool dance” and a party or club.

In all seriousness, I had lost 2 of my closest friends 1 violently, but the time I turned 19, so when I look back on my 20’s, I think I just wanted to live my for the 3 of us. And boy did I!

Well sense it’s for fun then…

I wouldn’t know all about women if I had been a traditional student. All those “dropping it like it’s hot” women were my age.

Actually I was married before I was legal so I’m just talking out the side of my neck. I had 2 years of crazy partying…crazy military partying before I got married. I saw very quickly how the life of those who continued with that life turned out.

Knowing what I know now…I would recommend to others to take their studies serious and take their partying serious as well. I would recommend to go straight thru. With diet and exercise people are dropping it and looking great doing it into their 50’s!!

I really wonder if most folks on this site wish they had attended med school in their 20’s. I honestly believe that if I had I would 1) Be single and 2) Be childless. Those reasons alone are the primarly reasons I’m actually happy things have turned out the way they have. Having no regrets is a wonderful place to be.

True dat! While I wish I’d known how much FUN this would be, on the other hand my life up til now was also fun and I wouldn’t have traded it. I am glad for the way things have worked out. I am sure I appreciate it more this way, too.


Another advantage of doing this as a nontrad is that we can appreciate the process of getting to our goals instead of just wishing that we were there already! True, there will be times when you find yourself going through a wide range of emotions, but being able to realize that even our most intense moments are but that…a moment.

I personally am enjoying the process.


  • pathdr2b Said:
I really wonder if most folks on this site wish they had attended med school in their 20's.

I do...truth be told. Not sure how much my life would be different. I probably would've been in at least 5 malpractice suits by now though.

I've posted about it before but it's more than a little frustrating hitting the reset button now.......ahhhhhh but such is life.

It is MUCH better to do this as a non-trad IMHO. First of all would anyone have been willing to give up the partying of the 80’s?

LOL I was in jr. high in the 80’s but the 90’s had some good parties, too!

The 80’s … During the parts I remember, I was a pasty-looking goth with long black hair, black clothing & and an extensive collection of really depressing music (Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, etc.)

Looking back, I’m pretty glad the 80’s are over!


He he…I remember the 80’s so fondly…in some kind of fog…it was great!

80’s music is the best and I STILL listen to it on my record player, you know the one with the needle. I have too many favorites to name but I’ll give it a try. Micheal Jackson’s Off the Wall, before he became a freak. Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna, STILL my favorite rock group. Prince’s Dirty Mind, with risque song titles like my favorite as “Head”. The Police before Sting became a crack head…

I think I’ll start a new thread and order some of these for my Ipod!