Reatking Organic Chemistry

sad.gif HI All, Here I am need of some advice on this nightmare of mine that I'm not quite sure what to do about. Any advice would be appreciated.
I live out in the middle of nowhere...only three schools around. I took Organic I at my school, did poorly, will have to retake it. I don't want to take it at my school again for several reasons---one of which is the nasty professor (who is the ONLY teacher who teaches Organic there). I know I can't avoid all profs who I dislike, but this is an exceptional case where I'ms ticking to my guns about not retaking with him. I have to find another school to retake it at. My community college offers it---but my advisor gave me the look of death when I mentioned it. She is dead against community colleges for pre reqs. While I don't agree with her perspective, the bottom line is that she writes the committe LOR. That leaves me with West Virginia University (one hour away)---and out of state tuition would cost me 3500$ for Organic I and II--I can't afford that.
I was hoping to retake over the summer----so I would not have to spend ALL of next year taking organic---because I really really need to go back to work full time. At my current school you cannot take Organic and work full time. My problem is, I can't afford WVU and there ARE NO OTHER SCHOOLS within an acceptable driving distance to where I live that ofer it over the summer. That is, EXCEPT for a few community colleges.
I'm stuck guys. I don't know what to do with this. I'm not trying to DODGE a difficult Organic course and retake at a community college because I think it will be easier (which is what my advisor says...."Med schools will think you're taking the easy way out since you did poorly at a four year school.") I'm just rying to get through my pre reqs this summer and be able to go back to work full time. Next year I could focus on the MCAT I thought. Community college would be affordable---and DO-able for me--and take care of all this mess. I just don't know what the consequences will be if I do it this way. Will med schools laugh me out the door???? Will my advisor get angry because I didn't listen to her advise and went against her???
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna

you could call a med school in your area and tell them your tale - you want to take it this summer but it would be at a cc - would any of them consider that a problem. now that the application season is somewhat winding down, they will probably talk to you.

That sounds like an awful situation! Is there any way that you could talk to the organic professor at your current university and try and forge some type of a working relationship with him? Maybe he’s just a bitter, lonely old professor? biggrin.gif Other than that, I’d have to say that it might be more worth it to find a way to pay for WVU…unfortunately…(just my opinion though) because of not only your advisor, but the fact that you will show a low grade at your current school and then a re-take at a cc…which is generally looked down on. That sounds really hard…I’ll be curious to see what you decide.
good luck!

I agree that you should call a few medical schools you'd eventually like to apply to, and get their advice. Ask them what they think of CC's, and what they'd think of a CC in your situation.
Many CC's are excellent, even way better than certain four-year universities. Yes, it's a stereotype that going to a CC is the easy way out, and yes, it's often wrong. But it's the kind of thing that med schools will look at in light of everything else you've done. Make sure before you go that it won't be misinterpreted. You'd hate to take Orgo there only to be told by people who know nothing about it that it wasn't rigorous enough.
Are you absolutely sure you can't work things out with the prof at your local university? I'd try that too.
Well, best of luck!