Hello. I’m about 33 and going to start taking my prereqs this fall. I haven’t been in school since '98 and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on what to do this summer. I had a pretty low cgpa in college, but very few science classes(two sems of calc, one sem of chem). I have applied to start volunteering. Thanks in advance for any help!! It was extremely encouraging to find this site, and see so many in a similar position!!

I can tell you what NOT to do. Do not take any of your req. science classes over the summer if it has been awhile since you had them.

A few years ago I took Gen Chem. 1 over the summer and eventually had to “W” out of it due to the speed.

Try an intro class to get you up to speed if they offer it.

It also could be a great time to get some volunteer time in at a hospital.

Review of college algebra and trig would be good.

You’ll need it for Chemistry and Physics.

Thanks guys. I applied for a volunteer position this week. A friend also suggested that I could audit a course (chem or bio) to get familiar with the material. Wasn’t sure if I should do that or try to take a math course for a grade. I feel fairly comfortable with the math needed for chem computations though.

Just be careful of jumping in with both feet. My Rule #6: learn to be a student. It’s not the content that you need to be sure of but your note taking skill set, study discipline and exam taking skill set. Get them brushed up and comfortable then tackle the material.

Thanks. I do think I’m going to follow that advice and audit the chem this summer. See you at the conference!