Recommended books and classes


I am looking at applying to medical school in a year for the entering class of 2022. It’s been 15 years since I received my master’s degree in integrative physiology. I took all of the premed prerequisites prior to that, including biochemistry, anatomy and physiology. Since it’s been so long, I’m looking to take classes over the next year to help with the mcat, to refresh my memory and to show schools that I know how to be a successful student. I emailed my primary school to ask their suggestions but I’m looking for more ideas since they didn’t offer much. First, I’m wondering which classes might be preferred since I clearly can’t retake all classes. Should I retake any that I received a C grade? Secondly, are there any basic books that you’d recommend to jump into my studying? Anything from textbooks to shorter, practice style books?
I’m also looking for advice on timing for taking the mcat. Initially I thought I’d take it in December or Jan after taking some science classes (or maybe a writing one?) and having sufficient time to study for the mcat. But, after listening to multiple podcasts I’m wondering if I should just focus on taking the mcat first, maybe in August or September and then taking a few courses afterwards?
Thanks for your help.