Recommended Texts

From a few posts I’ve noticed some recommendations for texts that might help in preparing for some of the pre-meds. I won’t be able to jump into pre-meds until next summer, but would like to start preparing now. Anyone recommend any good texts for physics (got the Conceptual Physics title from a previous post, but if there are others, I’d like to know), bio, and chem. I’d just like to get a jumpstart on the terms/concepts.
I tried searching for titles in earlier posts, but came up with too much. If there is one that you know of, please point me to it.

I’ve been asking my instructors the same question (esp since the company I work for pays up to $150 for text books associated with my classes). I’m trying to build a good “library” for future reference. My Chem instructor recommended three Chem book authors: (the hardest one I can’t remember - shoot), McMurray and then Ebbing (who is suposedly easy to understand). My Micro instructor recommended anything by Brock. That’s as far as I gotten … so I’m interested in replies to your inquiry too! I thought my A&P text by Tortora/Grabowski was good - but have nothing else to compare it too

I loved my Microbioloby book by Tortora…
as far as Ebbing is concerned for Gen Chem I didn’t like the book…it was really repetitive + made things much more complicated than they really were…but it’s just me, and I know that some other people in my class liked Ebbing…
I guess everyone is different and finds different things helpful.