Redskins are out!

Mary, I am sorry to see the Skins cash in their chips. I was pulling for them…sorry Jeff…but they simply ran out of emotional-gas. Meanwhile, my guys - the STEELERS - are not looking so hot either. We may both be crying in our beers on SuperBowl Sunday. I just hope the f-ing Patriots don’t get in. Even more so, I hope someone hands pretty-boy Tom his ass for a hat!!!

The Steelers are really tanking at this point. At 28 to 10 in the 3rd quarter - I’m not feeling too positive about them. And,oh, let’s not forget about the 3 interceptions by Rothlisberger. I love him and everything, but he’s got to get it together!

OK - I take it back. They’re making me happy now.

I hate it! Washington and the Steelers both eliminated. Who’s that leave to root for. . . the Patriots?

OK I’m rooting for Bret Favre, 'cause he’s OLD and he’s GOOD.

Goooooo Lions!!! What?? This isn’t the toilet bowl thread?!?!

I wanted Washington to win but I also like the Seahawks. Glad Pitt lost but I don’t like Jac. Can’t stand Eli the crybaby, Elway wannabe (don’t like Elway either). I guess I’ll root for Dallas or Seattle. Not sure though… I’m wishy-washy. LOL

You’re right Mary. I guess I WILL have to root for Green Bay and Bret Favre!!

Well, at least the Giants won! (After all, I lived in NY for 15 years, so I have to cheer them on!). Now. . . if they can just beat Dallas next week!

I was rooting for the Seahawks (became a big fan while I was still in Seattle) and the Jaguars (Reggie, former Husky!). So, I’m pretty happy right now with Saturday’s results.

Linda - I am sure that the Cowboys will fall out and your Giants will win!

  • Linda Wilson Said:
Well, at least the Giants won! (After all, I lived in NY for 15 years, so I have to cheer them on!). Now. . . if they can just beat Dallas next week!

I'm with you, Linda! yeah, Giants! (and this I'm saying deep in Buc's territory!)

What part of NY did you live in? I'm formally from Long Island.



I lived in the Bronx for a while (while I worked at Albert Einstein). The rest of the time, I lived with my family in Stony Brook, Huntington, Mineola, and Deer Park (in that order). (Go Islanders!!)

  • Linda Wilson Said:
I hate it! Washington and the Steelers both eliminated. Who's that leave to root for. . . the Patriots?

Jesus God no! I can't root for the Pats & that pretty-boy Tommy at the helm! I used to root for them when they were the perpetual underdogs. However, I refuse to root for ANY dynasty teams, except for Pittsburgh, of course! I hope the Jags, who I really do not care for, kick the ever lovin piss out of the Pats!!!!!

I am also pulling hard for the Giants because I cannot STAND the damned Cowboys!!! I root for Pittsburgh & whomever is playing Dallas! I used to go to the Cowboys games, when I lived in Dallas, dressed in the colors of the other team just to be a thorn in their collective arses! This was during the daze of Troy-boy the living concussion-QB. I have complete & utter respect for Emmit Smith & Darryl Johnston - they were fine, upstanding members of the community & continually trying to improve those less fortunate than them. However, the rest of that buncha criminal...don't even get me started!

  • MRenardMD Said:
OK I'm rooting for Bret Favre, 'cause he's OLD and he's GOOD.

As a lifelong fan of AFC-style smashmouth football, I find it hard to root for an NFC team. But, for Favre, I may have to make an exception.

However, I will be pulling for Indy to make to the dance & win it all! If they flail, I will have to temporarily adopt the Packers. How can you find fault with a land populated by Germans, Scandanavians with loads of beers, sausages, beer, cheese, beer, friendly folks &...what else was it...oh yeah, BEER!

Speaking as a Lions fan… I totally HATE Green Bay!!! Always have, always will. I like Brett Favre, he seems like a “good ol boy” but I can’t root for him. Even when I had him as my QB in fantasy football I still had a hard time rooting for him.

Isn’t it funny how we all have different views about sports teams that are all in the UNITED STATES?

I love it!!

No one is mentioning the Colts! Well they are out so let’s hope they cream the Patriots.

Personally, I haven’t been a Washington DC’s football team fan (I HATE the real name of the team) since they dissed Doug Williams.