Reflection of conference

I want to thank all who contributed of their time and experiences in the conference. This was my first time attending and I must say it was so informative and rewarding. There were many wonderful people with intersting stories to share. I was really was inspire by all the special speakers,but most impress with Dr. Dawn Aldrich life story and obstacles she had to overcome and how she achieved her dream. I also want to thank Lynda Simpson for sharing with us surviving 1st year of Med School it was interesting and amusing at the same time. As I have mention on other posting I am very shy but i can’t end by saying that I really enjoy being with Lorein, Robert Irene and Regina. On the netwoking dinner I enjoy my tome with them also on Saturday after the conference was over by rthe hotel pool so much laughter. I hope I have the privsalge to see them again in next year conference. Their encouraging words will resonate with me for ever. THANK YOU GUYS. My prayer for you all is that you achieve success in everything you do. :). Please keep in touch.

It was great meeting you too, best of luck on your future plans.

And yeah, the network dinners are always the best!

See you next year,


Thank you so much for posting and sharing your thoughts on the conference! I feel privileged to have met you as well, and hope the best for you. Keep us posted on your progress!

  • Lorien

Great meeting you too. Glad you enjoyed the presentation. Good luck!!


It came up during the conference about speaking to Admissions folks. Well, the admissions team at KCUMB has offered to contact anyone from the conference if they have questions about KCUMB, the application process or if applying in the future and want to get a sense of what KCUMB looks for in its applicants. I probably should have collected email addresses from interested people at the conference but I wasn’t organized enough. So if you are interested, PM me your email address and I will provide it to the KCUMB team.

Hope that helps you guys.


I thoroughly enjoyed the conference this year as a newbie. I hope to see you all next year and give a report of the strides I’ve taken in coming closer to becoming a physician. Be blessed.

Ms. Georgia Peach

It was fantastic to meet everyone in Orlando–thanks for your camaraderie and for the excellent presentations!! Best of luck to everyone.