Research Dilemma

Hello All!

I am a newly accepted student to medical school. I have a current dilemma with my research experience. In March of this year, when I was finishing my prereqs, I took a biochemistry class and thought it would interesting to try out research since I have not previously done any research. The professor that taught the class does research and I joined his laboratory. I have been able to work with him since June but I found out that he does mostly teaching now and is really only 10-20% research. I am currently doing the research on a volunteer basis as he does not have any funding currently to pay me.

I am just wondering if I should look for other research opportunities where I could be getting paid? I had read on other threads that there are plenty of places to go and get research and get paid for it. The other reason why it is a dilemma is that I am non-traditional as I have worked as a registered nurse these last two years. The pay I would get would be much less than what I get paid as a nurse.

What do you guys think or what suggestions do you have or what questions do you have?

Congratulations on the acceptance to medical school! Here’s my advice…take this year to do something unique and special for you. You have the admittance to medical school and do not need research experience for anything. If you just REALLY LOVE research and want more experience ok that makes sense and as such I would recommend a place where you are getting paid for your time if you can get hired somewhere. You have a good paying job already though as an RN which opens so many doors. Work as a travel nurse? Make some bank and save up for some hefty costs that will arise in medical school.

But, if you really love research and are looking to do something that bolsters your residency application portfolio and that’s why you think you need to continue doing research that’s something you can discover during medical school as that’s what’s going to count for your residency applications. Use this time to travel, explore, do new things. Seriously, you got the med school acceptance…you can quit the research and do something exciting! Go to Europe, get scuba certified, go paragliding, live in Hawaii for a few months, rebuild a car - live your life before the heavy time constraint of medical school. You’ll never look back on your life and wish you did more research, but you may look back and wish you did that one certain special thing, but you never had time for. Take the time now for it. Force your Type-A personality to have a break. Once again congrats on the acceptance!

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