Research/Internship Opportunities for Post-Bacc Students

Hello everyone,

I am a chemical engineer working full time for an oil company, and recently decided to switch careers to medicine. I am currently taking prerequsities for applying to medical school. Since I work full time, I can only take one class per semester from a 4-year university.

I would like to spend the upcoming summer (summer 2018) gaining some exposure in medical research. I have searched online for summer research programs for post-bacc students, but have been largely unsuccessful due to the following reasons:

    I am not currently enrolled as an undergrad seeking a degree.
      I am not taking a full semester worth of course load.
        I am not enrolled in an official "post-bacc program."
          I do not belong to an underrepresented minority (I am an Asian American).
            I graduated in Spring 2013, so I am not a recent grad.

            Does anyone have any suggestions, or can point me to a research program/internship, paid or unpaid, that I would be eligible to apply to? Thanks in advance for your help!