"Research/Lab" as defined by MSAR

Hello Dr. Gray and others in the Med School Headquarters network. In looking through MSAR data on medical schools, I have noticed many of the programs I am interested in reported 90+% of students participated in “Research/Lab” as pre-meds. I know from Dr. Gray’s videos that Research is not necessary for being admitted into medical school. Moreover, I know that one should be wary in making their school list based on MSAR metrics alone…

Is there better information on how “Research/Lab” is defined? Would this include students who TA’d courses with a lab, but did not do research? Is it limited to having your name on a published paper?

Seeing these high of percentages has made me question whether or not I should prioritize research more than previously anticipated. I am a non-traditional post-bacc student who has limited time outside of school, shadowing, working as a scribe, and volunteering. Can you clear this up?

Many thanks for all you do.