Research Presentations

I am presenting research at Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in San Francisco May 1-4. (3 poster presentations).
I also did a oral presetation at the National American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in New Orleans in November 2003. In addition, I will present at the National Head Start meeting in DC in June.
As many of you know, I did one year of full time volunteer clinical research ,which is ongoing, before returning to my full time PNP position. I am 2 years behind my original time line for applying to med school after deciding not to begin a formal post bacc program. Now DIY with tuition reimbursement. However, the research experience has been great. I had the opportunity to do presntations both locally and nationally. I hope to have 5-6 publications
I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to do research to seize it! Of course, my interest is clincial research, but I am sure bench research is ok too (LOL)

Wow, all that sounds great. You are lucky to have gotten in some great research opportunities. Many congrats. Hope your presentation goes smoothly.
Amy B

That is great experience that you are gaining. It is good to have your research experience, and possibly publications when applying; added padding for your applications!