Residency Match rates

I was looking into the residency match rates of DO vs MD programs using the school website and comparing them to NRMP. I notice that the 2016 data for DO match rate was 80.3% vs 93.8% for MD. When I look at the data from DO schools like Western and Touro I find reports of 90-100% match rates.

Is the difference because of the schools and the 80.3% looks at all the DO programs?

Should one look at the individual school match rate instead of the overall match rate when choosing a program?

If anyone one has information about the discrepancies please let me know.

There are different Match systems for “MD” and “DO”, NRMP = “MD”. The lower DO match rate may be from DOs applying to “MD” programs. DO schools are likely reporting the combined match rate to both types of programs. I forget the actual statistics, but I want to say US grads have like an overall mid-90ish% match rate or something. Currently, DOs can apply to the “MD” match, but MDs cannot apply to the “DO” match due to the difference in training (mainly osteopathic techniques). In the near future, both programs will be combined, so by the time you match there should be one overarching system.


“DO” - AOA match

I answered this question on the OldPreMeds Podcast - Session 59 (releasing 2/1/2017).

Short story - not sure where you are getting your data. According to AOA - match rate is 87% for DO schools, with about 3 schools bringing down the rest -

MD Match rate is 96.3% -

Sorry, I should put my references on the post.

The 80.3% came from the NRMP.

For the 100% match rate came from this link to Touro College

I also did not understand the data that was presented on the AOA website. Your podcast really cleared that up as I did not understand what “non-participated” meant.