Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding my specific situation. I am from Oklahoma and received my degree from University of Central Oklahoma. I have since moved away and worked as a professional actor. My career has moved me all over the place during the last 8 years. I now reside in Montreal, Qc. My Dad still lives in Ok, along with most of my family. My question is: Can I apply to the University of Oklahoma as a resident? I would love to return home for med school, but I have the feeling I would be considered “out of state.” I am applying to McGill (here in Montreal) but it is very difficult to get in here. I will cast a wide net to many schools, but I know state schools are not very receptive to non residents. Any advice?

I’m paraphrasing here, but in the true legal sense, “residency” is defined by a physical presence with the intent to stay permanently/indefinitely. However, often times for tuition purposes, states will often have a series of questions to determine whether you are a “resident.” The fact that your father is a resident would only be relevant if you were a dependant of his, however, I doubt you are. Often times, whether you’ve lived there for the past 12 months in an indication of residency. From your post, it appears that you may not even live there now, so I doubt that would be feasible. Also, many states will not consider you to have abandoned your residency if you left the state to go to school full-time, however, since you have working/acting for the past 8 years that wouldn’t work either. Do you have an OK driver’s license? Is your car registered there? Are you registered to vote there? Do you own property there? Do you pay local state taxes anywhere? A yes to any of these would help to establish residency there. Although it may or may not work and I can’t advise you the legality of it, you may want to consider doing any one of these things and list your father’s address as your place of residency to establish residency there…however, it would take you will not be considered a resident for McGill purposes. You cannot be a dual resident.

Some state schools only require that you graduated from high school in the state. Check out the policy, which may be on their web site.

Thanks for the information, guys. I will call OU tomorrow and see what the deal is. I would love it if they only required me to graduate high school in OK but I won’t get my hopes up. Have a great night!