As we know- there is an advantage to being a state resident if we apply to some of the state medical schools within the region. I have my eye on UNC, but I am aware that it’s nearly impossible for non-residents to get in there.

I currently started my post bacc program in NY and I intend to hopefully finish it here. I was considering however changing my residency a year before applying to med schools in order to be considered a North Carolina resident at the time of application.

My main problem is- is it possible to change my residency while still being enrolled and taking classes in school in NY for a year? My boyfriend currently lives in NC so it could be helpful in the process.

Any insight?

I went to college in NC and they require proof of residency (state tax forms, driver’s license,etc.). UNC is a fantastic school. Good luck!

You could certainly change your legal address to your boyfriend’s and go thru the process of getting an NC drivers license. As OldNavyGirl pointed out, you’d have to have things like tax forms, getting the electric and cable bill at his place under your name, etc. It likely would not impact you going to school in NY (like any college student who goes away at school.)

Different states have different rules regarding residency requirements when being considered for in-state tuition. I would look into what NC’s (and UNC’s) are before changing your residency. In some states, it is not as simple as described above (for the purposes of getting in-state tuition).

Good luck!