Resident Salary

Just out of curiosity…
Anyone out there know how much residents make on the AVG and how long residency usually lasts?

Resident salary is starts around $40,000 per year. Length of residency depends on what field you are specializing in. Minimum length is 3 years on up to 7.
From the AMA’s website,
"# Residency program (graduate medical education): Through a national matching program, newly graduated MDs enter into a residency program that is three to seven years or more of professional training under the supervision of senior physician educators. The length of residency training varies depending on the specialty chosen: family practice, internal medicine, and pediatrics, for example, require 3 years of training; general surgery requires 5 years. (Some refer to the first year of residency as an “internship”; the AMA no longer uses this term.)
# Fellowship: One to three years of additional training in a subspecialty is an option for some doctors who want to become highly specialized in a particular field, such as gastroenterology, a subspecialty of internal medicine and of pediatrics, or child and adolescent psychiatry, a subspecialty of psychiatry."
Hope this helps.