Retake MCAT or Not

Looking for some advice. I am looking to begin medical school in the fall of 2019. I got a 504 on my MCAT (128 chem and phys, 125 cars, 124 bio/biochem, 127 psych and soc). Earliest possible retake is June 29 with score returned in early August. I have a 4.0 GPA at a small school and pretty decent extra cuticulars (shadowing, research, volunteering, medical job, college athlete). My main concern is that the 124 on bio/biochem will stop me from getting any interviews. If I retake I’m very confident I can get the bio/biochem score to a 125 at a minimum if not better. I am just worried that it is too late to retake and that it might hurt me even more if I retake on June 29. Any advice will help. Thanks