Retake O-chem Online vs O-chem from CC

I’m having some trouble deciding what to do with my O-Chem prereq and I’d appreciate any feedback you might have here.

Background: BS in 2006 (non-science) with a 2.96 (I know), finished my BS early so I took Bio, Physics, O-chem after graduation but still at my 4-year and I didn’t do wonderfully (Final GPA when leaving 4 year was 2.90). Some things took place during that year that led me to a different path in life away from medicine that ended up giving me a great story to tell when it comes time to apply.

I’ve retaken Physics and Chemistry (this grade was really old, so I just decided to retake) at a local CC with all A’s. Now I need to retake O-chem (Original grades: 1st Semester D and 2nd Semester a special type of withdrawal called a WP that didn’t affect my GPA).

I work in a really challenging full time job that I cannot responsibly leave and the only 4 year colleges in my area are far too expensive for me to take O-Chem and the list is further limited by the schools that offer night classes.

So my question is this: University of New England online O-Chem with lab or O-chem and lab at my local CC? I should mention I got A’s in the O-chem lab both semesters depsite my poor lecture grade. My goal is admission to a DO school.

Any help from the sages on the forums is much appreciated.

I would think that Brick and Motor OChem would trump online, but I think that Univ of NE might be an exception. Anyone know if what I am saying is true. I would think for the lab they are going to want actual “lab” work.

If it is obvious that the ochem is on-line, I would not take it in that format. I personally took o-chem online from my state school, but it will appear exactly as an on-campus course from the school does. It also doesn’t raise any red flags that it could be on-line due to the geographical location - I could easily have driven to the school for class.

On another level, on-line o-chem took a very substantial level of commitment to just getting it done. It was not in any way EASIER than on-campus. My professors were very clear about their expectations, and gave very thorough syllabi laying out what to look for as reading the text, etc. We had a decent text with solutions manual that worked out all examples. If the school you’re looking at does not have a well-taught on-line course, you could be setting yourself up for hardship. Even with a well taught course, some people need lectures to help explain the subject differently than the text. A co-worker started the online course at the same time I did, and had to drop out because it was too difficult - and she was working hard to succeed.

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As I remember, recent UNECOM graduate swy55 got into UNECOM after taking distance organic chemistry from the U of Oklahoma. UNECOM’s distance organic chemistry does include virtual laboratory sessions. With that said, TelePlayer, I’d say take organic chemistry at whatever college you will do best in: Organic chemistry for you will be remedial retakes offering you a chance to improve your grades and brush-up on your organic chemistry. Earning the expected A’s in the remedial retakes (regardless of where taken) will not convince admissions committees you are academically ready for medical school. Doing well under a heavy load (or as close as possible) of newly encountered, advance-level premedical coursework (e. g. biochemistry, immunology, virology) will help convince admissions committees you have the academic abilities to handle medical school.

I am in the same boat looking at the UNECOM online classes, with a crazy work schedule and family to care for. I do real well with online coursework too.

Question: has anyone taken a course with UNECOM? I noticed their courses are listed as DPPP 360 Medical Chem or Medical biology. Could that be an issue with some med schools? It probably depends on the med school…

Thanks for any words of wisdom!!!

Also remember that the MSAR now notes which schools will accept and not accept online courses. To add more to your confusion some school note not to take certain courses during the summer or at CC. This goes from a gentle nudge to a formal no. Example below is from SUNY Upstate

“Chemistry: Should you have trouble in either general or organic chemistry, consider taking these courses in isolation, i.e., during a semester where your other courses might be less rigorous. However, avoid taking more than one or two pre-requisite science courses during the summer and avoid taking them at community colleges.”

Link SUNY Upstate FAQ

In the end, someone has already said, take it where you can do best. Good grades and GPA is most important thing. Combine that with a good MCAT and the CC issue is less important to school