Retake Old Pre-Req's?

Hello, I have just enrolled in the Loyola Post Bacc program.

From 10 yrs ago I have the following Pre Req’s complete

Bio 1

Inorg Chem 1 + Lab

Org Chem 1 + Lab

My undergrad GPA was 3.75 (completed in 2000) and my MBA completed 4 yrs ago in 2004 I had 3.75 GPA.

The Loyola advisors I spoke to said I should take all of the Pre-Req’s including those I’ve already completed because it’s been a few years.

As a working mother of 2 - studying in my “spare time” and with my “expendable income” (not sure whether to laugh or cry there) I don’t want to spend unnecessary time or money if it isn’t warranted.

After talking it through with the advisor - he did agree that since I’d taken them I didn’t HAVE to retake them as a requirement but he absolutely thought I should do it - to do well, for med school and prep for the MCAT etc - he really didn’t want me to skip them (not sure if that was him as a professional or as a professional employee of the Univ whom I’m paying tuition to.)

So - what do you all think? Do old pre-req’s expire? If I can do well in Org Chem II and Inorg Chem II and brush up on my own time with the review of level 1 - is it necessary to retake them?

I’d love to hear your opinions.

If it helps, I spoke with a Pre-med advisor at Temple university and she had the same advice for me.

Yours is a borderline case. Lots of med schools specifically say they want the prereqs taken within the past 5-7 years.

Biology - probably should retake. 10 years is a long time in this field and your knowledge is slightly out of date.

Gen chem - the fundamentals have not changed that much.

Keep in mind that you will be competing with applicants who have taken all of this coursework much more recently. It’s never a good thing to rely on old coursework. But, you do what you have to do.

I am in a the same boat. I took both the complete Bio and the Chem series in '97. Though I received A’s in all four classes, it was recommended by my pre-med advisor to retake them as well.

I complied a list of “possible” med schools that would interest me and 2 specifically stated that pre-reqs MUST be less than 10 years old. In addition, most of the research I have found online in forums etc. suggests to repeat them. So…I am going to repeat them. If nothing else, it will be GREAT review for the MCAT as well. I am taking the classes at a SUNY though so the cost of all four classes is about the same as an MCAT prep course. Atleast, thats how I justified it in my head. Since I am banking on these classes being easier this time around I am also adding a few upper division classes in as well.

Good-luck with whatever you decide.

I have to retake chem II. I didn’t want to, and the med school I’m looking at didn’t require me to, but the school I’m taking Organic at required that I do it. I’m just lucky to have weaseled out of retaking chem I.

In the end, I figure it’s probably better. . .what are the odds I will lock myself in my office all summer and study as hard as I would for a real class? Instead, I’ll be in class from 5:30-10pm M-Th. Oh joy.


See my post “The Old Man”. The school I am looking at, SLU - won’t consider any of my life sciences, I have been out 15 years. All life sciences must be repeated/completed at SLU. Course load management and academic performance is critical.