Retake science courses

Do you think it’s a good idea to retake or take extra science courses (Bio related) at a local college other than college you graduated from? (college I graduated is far from my home at this point)


This depends on why you would want to retake or take more science courses. Is this a response to a low GPA in undergrad or has it been several years since you graduated? You should give a little bit more background on where you are at in the premed process and some stats if you can. I know this is not super specific but hopefully sharing a little bit more about yourself will help.

Mainly for improving science gpa. I graduated with a degree in psychology and took all pre-req classes for med school.
I was just wondering if taking science classes rather than at my home college will make any differences for my application.

If your science GPA is low, then a year of upper-level science classes can serve you well if you get good grades (A’s and B’s). It may not drastically change your undergrad GPA but doing well in those classes can show admission committees that you will be able to handle the rigors of med school.