Retaking AP courses

Hello all!

I was wondering if I can get insight on the thoughts of retaking courses, even though I have already gotten AP credit. I took AP Calculus and AP Statistics in high school and received credit for them in my university. However, after learning a lot of medical schools may not accept AP credit, I decided to take these courses again. As I was reading the AAMC application guide, it mentions that if you get AP credit and still retake the course, it is marked as a “Repeated” course. On my transcript, it is also marked as a repeated course for the same reason.

I was wondering, do you think it looks bad to have that “repeat” notation in my application? In my transcript, it doesn’t mention each AP class I got credit for but rather clumps it in as “Test Credit” so I was worried admissions committees may believe I retook the course because of a failing grade but in actuality, it was due to AP credit.

Thank you!