retaking classes


Any advice on retaking classes? I took physics 2 about 25 years ago and got a C. would it help to retake it?

Thank you!!

In most cases, med schools will state that they “prefer” your pre-reqs to be no more than 7 - 10 years old. They will sometimes let that requirement slide if you have an outstanding MCAT, have recent upper level science coursework, work in a heavy science field, etc, but the exceptions are on a case by case basis for each individual school.

Have you taken the other pre-reqs? How old are they? Are you currently taking classes? If your biology is old, you definitely need to take some new biology courses. Some people with old pre-reqs opt to take upper level courses rather than repeat the pre-reqs, especially if they had decent grades the first time around. Whether or not this is a good option is not an easy answer. The MCAT is largely based on material that should be covered in the pre-req courses. Some people with older classes feel that they have forgotten most of the material and don’t think they can review/relearn it sufficiently on their own in order to do well on the MCAT. In this case, it makes sense to retake the pre-reqs. Other people choose to review the material on their own.

I actually had a similar question. I am looking at starting my post-bacc journey to get most of the prereqs done. I have already taken a physics series (calculus-based). First semester I earned an A, but only a C+ second semester for reasons (excuses) that are not important. I was toying with the idea of retaking it. Mine is more recent than yours (only 5 years old now, will be 8 by the time I apply). For some reason physics seems small to me when compared to bio/chem, so I remain unsure how much it would help to retake.

Oddly enough, once in med school, I I found far physics to be far more useful than I anticipated. Basic physics principles are especially important in respiratory, cardiac, neuro and eye function and physiology.

That being said, physics is probably the one that they are the least likely to require you retake.

when thinking about re-taking these science courses…it it just as important to re-take the labs?

I know some profs tie in lab grades to calculate overall grade for the course…but have non-traditional students retaking courses been able to get around taking a lab too? for example organic chem labs or physics lab?

Thank you for your reply!! Stuff to think about!! I guess I need to check with the individual schools about the old sciences. My organic chems, and biochem are very recent, but I didn’t think about retaking gen chem and intro bio. genetics I plan to take this fall. Thanks again!!

From what I’ve heard, retaking the lab isn’t usually necessary if you can find a way to take them separately. At Ohio State, physics, biology and gen chem w/labs are all each considered one course and you can’t really take them separately. However, the organic series does divide the labs from the lecture and can be taken separately.