retaking courses--is it really bad to retake ?

I am in a desperate situation.I am just taking premed requirement classes at the moment. I have a BA already
I got Cs in my organic classes…I want to retake the orgo. I really think I can do better than that. However, my premed advisor tells me, it is bad to retake any courses…medical schools consider retaking couses as a weak point…
Can anyone tell me their experiences and some advice? I am curently retaking Calculus 2…which I got D when I was a freshman about 7 years ago.
(sorry about my bad english).

I don’t really think retaking courses should hurt you . . . as long as you improve! AMCAS will list both and figure both into your gpa, and AACOMAS will list both, but only figure the higher into your gpa, so it can be helpful when applying to osteopathic schools.
It may also help you prepare for the MCAT. Talk to your advisor some more. And maybe talk to some of the schools you plan to apply to. Call the admissions office and ask to speak to the director of admissions.
Most of all, do what makes you feel best prepared for the MCAT and med school. Keep working hard to attain your goal, and never let anyone tell you it is impossible! Remember, “impossible things are happening every day.”

I want to second what Linda has said…
If your old grades are, well old… then you have two choices… you can retake the course to freshen up your learning… this also might help you prepare for any other courses you may take… ie orgo might help you if you choose to take biochem as well (although biochem is rarely a pre-requisite for med school)…
Even though I was a biology major…when I first took bio back in 1991-1992 I did horribly in it… it helps to show up and study… I retook the next year and did OK, C and a B, but still not as well as I should’ve done… when I came back to school (2002) I asked my advisor what she thought… she stated that I had enough other bio courses under my belt that I’d done well in to ignore the previous crappy bio grades…
but let me say again…if you took orgo a LONG time ago… I’d consider taking it again… even though there’s a lot of it you’ll probably never use again… some of it you might… and it’s always good to have a refresher rather than having to relearn it again when you get into school.
good luck!

Hi Rosa.
What I’ve seen in some guides to getting into med schools is the suggestion that rather than retaking a course a student should instead take a more advanced course in the same subject area. Of course, this is tied to doing well in the more advanced course. Just something to consider if your college has an advanced organic class and if you feel you have the background knowledge and time to do well in it.
P.S. Your English was great!

many thanks everyone for answering my question!!! I took your advises…they are very helpful and so much encouraging…
I am going to retake them again… I will try my best…
Thank you!!everyone!!!