Retaking Math Classes

I did poorly in my beginning math classes:

Precalculus - B

Calculus 1 - C

Calculus 2 - C, W (I was ambitious to really learn by retaking after getting a C but withdrew…very stupid)

Calculus 3 - B

Stat - B

But managed to get A’s in more advanced level math classes:

Linear Algebra

Differential Equations

Modern Algebra

Fundamental Geometry

Abstract Linear Algebra

Graph Theory

Do I need to retake those Calculus classes, at least 1 and 2? I know I came back strong with A’s in advanced math classes but still those C’s look really bad and I FEEL bad about them.

Would it be beneficial for me to leave my math record alone or retake some of them?

Your science GPA won’t be hurt too much by those Cs since you did so well in all of the upper level math courses. In addition to that, you’ve already taken math courses that are far beyond the requirement for entry into medical school and for what is needed to do well on the MCAT. Unless you need to retake the classes for GPA purposes, I’d say you’re ok.

I don’t think there’s any good reason to retake these classes. You had acceptable grades. (C’s)



As an engineer, I too have many upper level math classes that I took 15+ years ago. I spoke to an admissions person at an optometry school (granted not a med school) and he said that usually if the applicants do very well on the math on the MCAT, most med schools will not count the age of the math course work too strictly. However, if an applicant does poorly on the math, then the older courses will be considered as a liability. Of course that depends on the school requirements. That being said, I plan on only retaking my physics I/II; I will not retake calculus. But that’s my gamble. Contacting the med school admissions is always a good answer though.