Retaking old classes old vs new.

Hi everyone!

I am pondering taking some of my bio classes. i graduated from Wayne State with a B.S. in Bio at a GPA of 2.87 I also got my MS in cell bio from Eastern Mich with a GPA of 3.27.

I am pondering what type of approach I should take in taking classes to raise my GPA to 3.0

Are retakes frowned upon? I taken these classes in 10 yrs ago. Secondly, there are many classes I got Cs in or retook back then as well. For instance I failed Calc I and retook it to get a grade of B. But it has been awhile(around year 2002).

I am well aware however that all is there for AMCAS to see. Is it more of a qualitative thing to demonstrate that you still have it? Also isnt it prudent to retake due to there maybe being a lapse in memory for these courses?(More so chemistry than bio since I have a grad degree).

Thanks for any help. I have been wondering this for awhile.

Edit: my plan is to take some classes get to 3.0 and enroll in Waynes SMP. I work for the university so I get free tuition.

I have asked this question to others as well and a consensus of those state that it generally matters in the case of pursuing an MD versus a DO degree. Also, some schools take into account a good MCAT score, interviews and letters of recommendation. Incidentally, I have a Biology degree as well and have a question for you. You graduated from Wayne State and I was thinking of re-taking some bio and chem courses there. How would you rate your instructors in those courses during your time there? I want to go in and hit the ground running so I’m curious to know what your experience was like while there.

The chemistry courses are OUTSTANDING in my opinion. Challenging but great instructors that know there stuff and very organized.

Bio was in a state of transition and have a bunch of new instructors that I havent had before. Of course there are a few that are there now that I have had but they are generally ok. Not as good as chem but there are a few standouts in bio that I would take everytime.

In what way does retaking matter is it a bad or good thing? Or am I locked into taking classes over b/c my gpa is so low and maybe old?

Where did u get your degree from?

I got my undergrad from the University of Michigan many moons ago so I’m in a similar situation as yourself. I want my GPA to be not only competitive but reflective of my ability and future intent. Much of the advice on this site for medical school (and believe me, it is very, very helpful) has been to re-take older classes as the grades for repeats are generally averaged for MD schools and replaced altogether for DO schools.

In my opinion, schools obviously want to see if you can handle the rigors so maybe taking something over can improve on previous grades. Also, some information is now different, so in that respect, its probably a good thing. In my case, my science classes are collecting dust and there are some grades that I can improve on, therefore, I going to re-take them all as a post-bacc. One of the moderators on here stated that post-bacc GPA’s are computed separately in the medical school application. Additionally, taking higher level bio classes has also been suggested as it is an indicator of aptitude. You mentioned having a Master’s Degree from Eastern in the sciences so that may be to your benefit.

Welcome again and I hope this helps.

Yeah that sounds good. I agree that while you may have done decent in a class I was worried that it was still a while ago and one may be seen as rusty.

Also I am told my gpa for my ms is too low lol.

I think an SMP is a great chance for me.