Retaking Old University Pre-Req At CC?

I’m in a bit of a quandary regarding an old C- I received in Ochem 2, back in 2009. Now that I have most of my other boxes checked (finished MCAT, working through my ECs, etc.) I need to retake this and get it over with. My issue is that now, 11 years later as a non-trad working full-time, my local university doesn’t offer any night class versions of it.

There is a local community college that does offer it and have night class options, but I’m concerned that not re-taking it at the same school (and going from the university 300 level course, to a CC 200 level course) will be looked at unfavorably.

Am I just being neurotic? As a non-trad I feel that it can be easily explained that night classes were my only option to re-take it, but am still worried. Thank you all for any advice!