Retaking Premed classes?


I was premed and graduated with a BS in Psych from U of M ann arbor in 2000. I decided not to pursue med school, although I took the MCAT once and did very poorly (I think I got 21 or 24…can’t remember). My overall GPA is 2.998 (If I remember correctly) from undergrad. I went on to get 2 masters degrees- MBA and MHSA (Masters in Health Services Administration). I’ve primarily worked as project managers in hospital system and now I’m in an HMO. I’ve been thinking more and more about going back and pursuing med school. Here are my questions:
Since it’s been 6 years since I graduated, should I retake my premed requirements? If no, then should I atleast retake those classes I did poorly in (B or below)? If I retake them, with med schools average the 2 grades, or just take the higher one? Do I enroll in post-bac program?
How long do MCAT scores count? If I take the MCAT again, will they look at my old score from 1999?
Finally, in the interest of saving time and it perhaps being easier, should I just apply to Caribbean Med School? I hear they are easier to get into, quicker, and some don’t require MCAT scores. I would greatly appreciate any advice on these issues…without any guidance, I have no idea what my options are.

Please help.

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We’ve talked at length about the questions you’ve asked, so make sure to do a search of this forum to see what other people did.

As for me, I’m in the process of retaking almost all my premed preqs upon the advice of a local MD school (the nearby DO school told me I didn’t have to retake, but since I’m planning to take the MCAT in the next year I decided to go with the “built in” MCAT review from retaking).

As for Caribbean schools, that will be a last resort for me.

I’m a little fuzzy on your timeline. Is it the case that you completed all of your prereqs with your 2000 bachelor’s degree and then completed you most recent masters six years ago? Have you taken any undergrad courses since you graduated in 2000? No prereqs since 2000 would be a pretty long gap I think, especially if you haven’t been working in a job that uses science and keeps you up to date on latest developments. Have you looked into post-bacc programs? You can search for academic record enhancer programs here: Even if you have completed all of the prereqs, you will need a GPA boost to get into med school. A post-bacc can do that.

As for the GPA, your grades will be averaged. However, when you apply, schools will see the breakdown of grades in your original undergrad and your post-bacc work and will be able to tell if your grades are moving in an upward trend. Good luck.