Return to Medicine

Hi there, looking for a bit of advice.

All my life (I’m talking 5 years old onward), I wanted to be a doctor. I got into an Ivy League school after having done research in high school and was ready to tackle all my pre-med classes. When I got to college, I did not work as hard as I could have (a range of B+ to C in science classes). When I attempted to take Organic Chemistry, I got a pretty devastating concussion, couldn’t read for two months, and ended up withdrawing. Round two of orgo I found myself having to deal with some pretty catastrophic events (death threats, mental health crisis, etc.) and failed it the second time around.

After that point, I decided to switch gears and focus on my minor and leave pre-med entirely. I switched majors and stopped taking science classes sophomore year. After college, I started a PhD in my other field and am now 1.5 years in. I’ve recently realized that I want to go back to medicine. Do my dodgy grades and move away and then back to medicine seem wishy-washy? I currently have plans to do a DIY post-bacc and retake classes from 4+ years ago and finish the other pre-recs.

You’ll need to explain it in your personal statement, but also not give so much info where ADCOMS will question your ability to complete med school without any gaps. Watch Dr. Gray’s videos on personal statements to see how. He has great videos on career changers and how students were always interested in medicine and what brought them to come back to being a pre-med.