Review books for Bio/Chem

I will be returning to school this fall to start the pre-reqs, specifically Chem I and Bio I. Admittedly, I’m quite nervous about this since it has been a few years since I was in school and even longer since I’ve taken a science course.

That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for basic Chem and/or Bio books would be helpful for reviewing the essential concepts? I know I will be rusty and thought that a little prep before classes start might be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I’m in the same boat as you. I heard of a couple websites that might be of help.


Good luck.

Hi Cheesehead (any chance you’re from Wisconsin?),

I’m also taking pre-reqs. There are several good Chemistry tutorials on YouTube too.

I’m also taking Bio I and Chem I this fall (starting a 2-year formal post-bac program). Like both of you, I’m pretty rusty. But I’ve found Barron’s “E-Z” series to be helpful in reviewing things. There’s an “E-Z Chemistry,” “E-Z Biology,” and even an “E-Z Physics.” They’re pretty basic, so don’t expect them to serve as a replacement to the textbook. But (in my opinion, and from what I’ve seen so far) they seem to do a pretty good job of illustrating the basic concepts in a relatively easy-to-understand way. There are also practice problems (w/answers) so you get some extra practice in, too.

I haven’t gone through the bio one yet, but I’ve spent some time with the chem one and liked it a lot. I’m hoping chem this fall will be a bit easier having done some review.

by far hands down the best chem book i have found is by ebbing and is called general chemistry.

i used to tutor chem and this was my book when i took it and i often had my tutees borrow it to look over parts. everything is well explained and examples are wroked out.

they also offer a solutions manual which is invaluable.

Thanks so much everyone for the great resources! I’ve bookmarked the links and am looking online to purchase the books. With the wide variety of information available for reviewing, it is super helpful to know of good starting resources. I really appreciate the input and good luck to everyone!