RIP my kitty

I try to make it so all my posts aren't about major life changes (like quitting my job) or physical trauma (knee surgery) or something else but I had my cat put to sleep yesterday and I just feel absolutely horrible about it.

sad.gif Please accept my condolences. I know for people who don’t have pets, putting a pet to sleep might seem like nothing. But, being a pet lover myself, I understand the heaviness your heart feels.
Our pets are like our children. Losing them is not easy, and sometimes making the choice to put them to sleep, makes it even more difficult. Just remember, you made the choice that was best for your cat.
Try to remember all the good times you and your cat had, and the special connection between the two of you. And, if you’re like me, know that your cat will be waiting in the great green field just this side of heaven until your time comes to join her.
My thoughts are with you.

Please don't cut yourself off from this. It's easy to make light of the grief we feel when a beloved pet leaves. You have every right to be sad, and should take it easy on yourself for the next few days.
I still miss the Fabulous Miss Wonder Kitty, and she left almost 7 years ago. Pets are special, and you are right to mourn your fuzzy friend.
Sad is sad. My condolences are attached.
Susan - Chicago

I’m so sorry… that has to be so hard. sad.gif

Hey Calvin,
Sorry to hear about your kitty!!!

Oh, I'm so sorry. I had to put a kitty to sleep a year ago and it was very hard, even though there was no choice. For days the other kitty would run around the house, jumping out from behind furniture trying to get her to come out and chase him. I wish you well as you cope with this loss.

Hi there,
I am sorry to hear that you lost your lovely pet. I know that you had many wonderful years together and that you will always have so many great memories. I had to give up my cats when I moved for residency. I did keep the dogs but I miss having the kitties around. They fill a special place in our hearts by gracing us with their presence.
Take some time to grieve but remember that you kitty had a wonderful life with someone who loved her very much and didn't want to see her suffer.

my husband and I just went through the same experience last month. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to have to make that decision, but I'm sure you did the right thing.
my condolences,

My heartfelt condolences to you. My dig, Satchmo, has been with us for over 9 years now…for all intents & purposes, he is my son. Of course, he'll never go to college, but that does not change the love & attachment I feel for him. As he grows older, I know that the day he will pass on draws inevitably nearer. So, my grief for you is legit…those of us who love our pets can all relate & it is far from silly or embarrassing.
Again, my condolences.

Thank you to everyone who posted such kind words. That was truly the most horrible experience – and life has many that you think might be worse – maybe it was my role in the whole thing, maybe it was my former roommate holding the cat about a week before and saying, “Don’t kill me, it’s not my time yet.” (she hated my cat, by the way), or maybe it was just that my cat was my best friend for 17 years but all I wanted to do was curl into a hole and die last week. As that wasn’t an option I spent the week studying for my bio final instead.
Luckiy, am feeling a whole lot better about it this week and I know I gave her the best life I could.

Alyson -
I am so very sorry about your kitty. I just want to echo what others have said above - it’s perfectly normal to be devastated by this loss! Don’t let anyone diminish your pain. I had to have my beloved 3 year old Maine Coon rescue kitty euthanized a year ago(pancreatic cancer)…and I still miss him and cry periodically. He was my best buddy, and my favorite out of my passel of kitties.
I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, but don’t beat yourself up in the coming weeks on why you still get upset because it “was only a cat”! sad.gif
Sending you hugs…