RN to MD

Hi all,

I am currently a nursing student, doing a summer program at Yale New Haven. I am very interested in advanced practice nursing, and know what route I should take in order to pursue this career, but was also wondering if anyone here (or anyone you know) have taken the RN to MD route and what considerations it entail?

Thank you!

I have not taken direct RN to MD route. I was an RN and now NP planning to go to med. school one day. Each person’s experience is individual, but I was disappointed with NP programs, curriculum and adequacy of preparation for clinical practice. From speaking with other NPs from other schools even those who did IV league NP programs, it is pretty much the same across most NP programs. It ultimately depends on where you would want to work as an NP, but if you want to be in primary care, IMO it’s best to go all the way an become MD/DO route.

Good luck.