RN wanting to become MD


Needing advice please. So I am a nurse and have been for about 5 years. But prior to that I received a biology degree, 2.8 gpa lots of Cs some Bs and before that had poor grades on first attempt at nursing school (1.8gpa). My recent nursing grades are a 3.5 gpa for associates and 3.8 for bachelors. Now given that the science grades are 10 years old, should I retake all prerequisites even the ones I got B and above for (bio 1, bio 2, chem 1 physics 2, ochem 2, calculus and statistics) I wasn’t disciplined then so I did get some Cs in higher level courses chem 2 ochem 1, physiology, bio chem. And D in physics 1.

So again my question please. Should I just be retaking all my classes because they’re old. Thank you!

You will have to check with the individual schools you’re interested in to verify whether they accept those credits or not. However, you will want to show them that you can handle science-intensive course loads and that you’re disciplined and ready for med school now. This can be done by retaking your prereqs. Of course, there are other options, like taking more advanced science courses. Dr. Gray addresses it here How Recent Should My Prereqs Be for Med School?

With that said, I took some BCPM courses during my undergrad >10 yrs ago. I didn’t care about these grades because they weren’t relevant to my end goal, so I performed poorly. I decided to retake them all to show them I’m ready now, increase my BCPM, and prepare for the MCAT. I also took a few upper-level bio courses just to cement that fact.