Rolling Admissions

So I have received a couple of interview invites which I have had to push to Feb due to a commitment that popped up and is out of my control. I’ve read (and been told by one of the schools) that a Feb interview doesn’t put me at a distinct disadvantage, but I can’t imagine that it doesn’t hurt at least a little bit. Any idea typically what % of classes are filled before the end of the interview cycle? I know schools will often give out too many acceptances knowing that there will be some people declining to take “better” offers.

There is no standard distribution of seats across medical schools for rolling admissions that could answer this question. Nor is any answer going to change anything to you other than give you percentages to worry and stress over that so no useful purpose. What I have noticed more lately is that fewer earlier acceptances are handed out, presumably for really outstanding candidates and the rest of the interviewees wait for months for answers, presumably waiting on later interview cohorts before admissions are given out.

In short, take a breath, put the worry aside and move on

I’ll restate what a director of admission at a prominent medical school in the Midwest conveyed to students at Johns Hopkins during a visit/presentation a few years ago. She stated unequivocally that students who applied and interviewed early had a MUCH greater chance of admission than those who applied and interviewed later. Her words definitely reflect my experience with applicants and their outcomes.

February is relatively late. I don’t know the schools where you’ve been invited to interview–at some schools the later interview may have more of an impact than at others. But generally speaking–and very generally–an earlier interview is usually better. I don’t know what your commitment is but if you could swing it to do the interview earlier you’d probably feel better about having done everything in your power to maximize your chances. Good luck!



It’s a military commitment I can’t get out of. Unluckily for me, the military decided to not release me from my contract to go to school next year, so it’s all a moot point now. There’s always next year…

The interviews are for Wake Forest and Hofstra. Wake offered me as early as 2nd week of December, but Hofstra was booked through the 1st week of Feb. Hofstra is new and offers like 700 interviews.

The schools will definitely understand a military commitment and be forgiving that you couldn’t do an earlier interview. Congratulations on getting those interviews and good luck!



Thanks Liza. Do you know if they would be willing to do a deferred acceptance based on a military commitment? They both offer deferrals, but for “once in a lifetime” type stuff. My situation is a “maybe next year” type thing, although next year (enter in 2015) my chances of the military letting me go is better.