Room and board at med school?

Hi folks,
Quick question - what’s the typical situation at medical schools concerning room and board? Do students usually fend for themselves, or are there often dorms/etc?
I know there is usually cheap and plentiful housing near most universities, but I don’t know if there are special considerations for medical schools.

It varies. Some places have dorms, some don’t. Dunno about meal plans for people living in dorms. My school was of the “fend for yourself” variety and I sure wouldn’t characterize the nearby housing as cheap since it was in a pricey neighborhood of Washington, D.C. - a pricey real estate market. But yeah, some schools have a good bit of cheap housing nearby.

Like Mary said, it varies. Medical Schools affiliated with larger universities often have graduate housing available. And cost of non-university housing depends on where the university is, how far away from campus you are willing to be, and etc.