Rotations start Monday. . .

and I can hardly wait!
It was great going to the conference last week right after COMLEX 1. It gave me a great way to celebrate, see old friends and make new ones. And I think the speakers were the best we have had!
But, after the conference and three days spent just having fun in Lancaster, PA, I am sooooooooo ready to get started with the clinical side of medicine. I start with 8 weeks of family medicine, followed by 4 weeks of psychiatry, 2 weeks of OMT, 2 weeks of VACATION, then 4 weeks of OB/GYN, and 8 weeks of internal medicine; all those are right here in Greenbrier County. After Christmas I will spend 8 weeks in Lancaster, PA, doing a 4 week emergency medicine and another 4 week internal medicine. Then back home for 4 weeks of geriatrics before I head to University of Oklahoma (where Dr. Randy Hunt, one of the speakers at the conference is) for 4 weeks of family medicine. I’ll end the year with pediatrics and surgery. It’s really hard to believe I have my whole third year scheduled!
Anyway, I worked all day yesterday and today trying to get closer to finalizing my research project. It will still take a few more days, but a lot of it I can do in the school computer lab on the weekends or in the evenings. And, hopefully, it will lead to a publication in the JAOA (Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, the osteopathic version of JAMA).
Tomorrow is my day to play! Don’t know exactly what Zane and I will do, but I can tell you we will get some rest and have some fun. Maybe a movie or something.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to make my first rotation go smoothly, please post it here!

Wow, clinical rotations! Sounds like you have a great schedule.