Yep. Rotations! They’re just around the corner now, and I picked up my tentative rotation schedule Tuesday.
It’s so much fun to see the schedule in black and white. This is MY schedule. I will really be out working with physicians, seeing patients, and continuing to learn and develop my skills. (Pinch me. I must be dreaming!)
Sometimes I think it has taken a long time, but when I stop and think about it, the time seems to have flown by.
Can’t wait to start that first family medicine rotation in June (June 20 to be exact!) and then I go on to my psychiatry rotation. Then I have an open (elective) month to schedule followed by OB/Gyn, then Internal Medicine. I have my vacation month scheduled for January, but I can flip that with my electives if I decide to. Then next February its emergency medicine followed by geriatrics, another open month, and ending up the year with surgery and peds.
I know at least one of those open months will be spent in Tulsa working with Randy Hunt and the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa family medicine program. Probably the March dates, but I can’t be 100% sure yet. But I know I’m looking forward to seeing Randy at the conference (Yes, he’s speaking!).
Now, back to studying . . . .

Yup, seeing that schedule is a great thing! I remember that this time last year It finally hit me that this was really going to happen.
Funny thing is your schedule, at least the first part, is nearly identical to what mine was. And while biased, I thought it was a great schedule Now I have two more weeks of Peds, and then my 8 week Rural Family Medicine (I did the first part of Family Med as my first rotation), and I’ll officially be a fourth year! Can’t believe that I’m actually about to start the final year of Med School, and that in just a few months I’ll start my residency application.
Now if I could only decide what residency it is I want to do…
Have fun. You won’t believe how quickly your third year will fly by.