Round 2

Just started Chem II with Lab. I’m enjoying just taking one class. I still can’t believe i’m going through with this pre-med. I still have my doubts about this journey. I’m still debating on delaying 1 year to apply when i’m done with my pre-reqs. But i’ll still take the MCAT next year. I hear the score expires in 3 years?

Also, one of my science prof just uploaded his LOR to my Interfolio account. He had me review the letter. It was a humbling moment reading all the praises in the letter. I asked my Chem professor for a LOR, not only was she willing to write me a letter, she volunteered to review my personal statement. Even better, one of the physicians i work with volunteered to review my personal statement and he just recently revealed to me he was a member of an admission committee at one of the medicals schools in the Northeast.

Even though i am enjoying the learning experience and the new knowledge gained from these sciences courses, I keep having doubts. Is this really what i want? or is this what i should pursue? I’m not sure if others feel the same.