Saint James Medical School!

I just heard of Saint James 2 weeks ago… And at first I thought it was too good to be true. They would accept my 2.5 gpa and degree in marketing— not require me to take any pre-rec’s and I can start in January 2019 or May 2019. I was super suspicious until I linked up with current and former students via facebook and verified everything was real… Yes, people drop out due to financial reasons, home sickness etc… But for Med School only at 80k (not including living expenses) and many doctors in residency I could not feel anymore comfortable…

And… I have an issue with how picky US med schools and the financial burden.

Thought I would share for a lot of Non-Trads. I am going to enroll in Intro to Chemo, Bio, and Anatomy at a local CC and will be starting Med School either May 19 or Fall 19.

P.s yes you can find alot of garbage online about the school- same with St. Mathews, Ross, Saba etc. but once I spoke with current and former students— made sense to me… Plus I will be graduating with 0$ in school debt using my rental property line of credit and passive income. They also have private loans as well- but with my low gpa I am sure it wouldn’t work out