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I found this forum while driving myself crazy to find people who had experienced what I am going through, it was relieving to read most of the posts on this forum.

I immigrated to USA about a couple of years ago with a BS in Metallurgy and Materials from my parent country, but being very young and immature at the time I did not do well on the grades (2.5 GPA). Long story short moving to USA was a big kick on my behind and it hit me that I had to do something better or else move back.

I decided on restarting with a BS in Chemical engineering since engineering courses would be easier for me to comprehend. Currently I am enrolled in a junior college and will transfer to a four year institution by Dec’ 2011. I have taken Calculus I,II & III, Calculus based Physics I (II and III in the coming semesters) and Gen Chem 1 ( organic in the coming semesters)

So far I think I have done alright on the courses, I have a 3.85 GPA, majority of the courses being sciences, have a B in physics only. The problem is now I am seriously considering a career in Medicine, along with my chemical engineering degree.

I am guessing my chances would be slim in US so I am not even thinking about Med schools over here, the Caribbean schools are my next best option. By the time I graduate with a BS I will be 30. Medicine has always crept up in my mind but I shrugged it off initially thinking that it was beyond me since I was past the right age to start with a new career.

I seriously want to attempt at a med school so that I wont regret it later. I am just afraid of all the “what if’s” that creep into my mind. Any comments or advice would be welcomed.

Bilal Saeed,

First, welcome to OPM!

I think you have found a website where there are many people who are in similar situation.

In my opinion, since you are already working on a 2nd undergrad degree and doing well, your chances for getting in a US medical school are not bad. Although, a 2nd undergrad degree by itself is not sufficient to get in a US med school.

You also need the following: above average MCAT score; exposure to the medical field by volunteering, and shadowing; letters of recemmendation from people who know you, academically and professionally.

If you are interested in research, you should also gain research experience in clinical, medical, or laboratory setting.

If you are planning to apply to Caribbean (at the Top 4 schools) you still need all the pre-reqs, an undergrad degree, MCAT score, volunteering and shadowing experience, and letters of recommendation. The floor value, for each of the previously listed variables, is lower than “most” US med schools. Besides, they are open to accepting foreign (non US) academic credentials.

There are challenges that you might face after graduating from Caribbean med school, and they are discussed on this thread:…

Hope that helped. Good Luck!


Send me a PM w/ your e-mail. I was an engineer and am now in med school so I might be able to help.