saying hi

Taking a quick break from studying, and I wanted to say hi - and thank you, again - to all of OPM. I feel badly for not being around as much over the last few months. I’ve received so much from OPM and its members, and I’m not the kind of person to take and not give. I’ve actually got a few things written up that I’d like to share, as soon as I’m able.

I have to say… since starting school, I’ve become increasingly impressed by all of you. That you’re able to balance what you do - pre-med, med school, practicing medicine, families, life - is a serious testament to your strength. Those who’ve taken the time to help us learning the ropes have my sincere gratitude.

As a quick update on me, med school is kicking my ass. It’s not that the material in and of itself is exceptionally difficult. Rather, I’m falling short in the diligence necessary to stay on top of things. Between school and some stuff going on in my life, I’ve lost my balance a bit. So quick advice to those of you starting the path: do whatever you can to avoid falling behind. It’s not the end of the world if you do - and hopefully, I’ll be able to pull through this and use it as a learning experience - but it makes things harder.

I’d personally thank people who’ve been especially helpful to me, but I’d no doubt leave somebody out. Besides, I truly believe that everybody here has helped me in some way. Thank you, all of you.

I hope to be able to come back more regularly, once everything is settled here.

Until then, it wouldn’t be one of my posts without something at least mildly amusing . So here’s a little medical-themed music that I came across. It’s not safe for work, but I think it’s sharp and funny.

Check out

Hope to see you all soon!

Hi Adam,

I feel your pain. What I have found that works for me is to study a little of each subject daily, and not let stuff pile up while I cram for the next exam. My grades went down when I resorted to the latter approach. Basically, the first two years of med school are impossible. Good luck!

The Priztker Rock site is hysterical!

Good luck. Remember to “keep on swimming!”


I was just going to send you a PM to see how things were going for you! I am glad you are still alive.

Sending you luck!

Hang in there Adam. It really does get better as time goes by. Do your best to stay focused and before you know it, you will be in year 2!

Thanks, guys. I found my focus and ended up doing pretty well on this last exam, so I’m going in the right direction . Thanks for the support and motivation!

I love that myspace site! Hilarious! And I did let it play at work…I think the Cranial Nerves are sexxxy song was a bit much for the attorneys though!

Adam, good to see things are going well for you. Remember, it’s little baby steps in medical school but do not fall behind. Good luck! you will be in residency before you realize it!