My company has just offered me an interim position for this summer so I don’t have to be without health insurance before school (the program I’m attending doesn’t allowed being on the university health plan until the fall).

I had planned on doing chem 1 & 2 over the summer. I’m glad not to have to cram, but would this schedule be workable in the fall?


Bio 1 & Lab

Chem 1 & Lab

I would be going full time, and with the raise I can afford to have a math tutor over the summer to get me back in the swing of things.


Should be fine unless you’re planning to work full-time or something crazy like that.

If the labs are full semester credit courses (i.e. worth as much as the lectures) that sounds tough. That is like taking five courses. But I know people who have done it.

I am doing Bio 1 & Lab Chem 1 & Lab and working 30 hours a week. It can be done but you will be very busy.