Scheduling a Getting To Know You Visit


I’m intending to make some time to visit a medical school in which I’m intensely interested, with the primary goal of meeting with an admissions advisor with transcripts in hand and asking them “what should I do to make myself your number-one candidate”, and the secondary goal of scouting out the place.

Given that I’m a good three years (maybe even more) away from applying, what would those of you who know about such things recommend trying to accomplish while I’m there?

I was thinking about the following at the school:

  • Meet with advisors.

  • See if I can shadow a resident or two in the ED for a full shift.

  • See if I can ridealong with the ambulance service (I have an EMS background).

  • See if I can meet with current students/faculty/adcom members.

    Any and all advice is welcome: I want to start establishing a relationship with this SOM now, long before I apply.