Scholarships/Paying for Pre-Requ Classes

I have been searching and coming up dry–does anyone know of any type of scholarship money out there for non-trad women going into medicine esp in a rural area? I see ones for those whom are already in the medical school but I was trying to get some help in paying for my pre-requisites. I knwo that I could be barking up the wrong tree, as there prob will not be anything out there, esp since I have 2 degrees…but it does not hurt to dig a little, right?

I’m kinda in the same boat. Try FastWeb…they’re probably the largest online repository for scholarships and grants. So, far, though, I’ve not had any luck with them (the competition is fierce on most if not all the scholarships you can find through them.) Also, try local civic clubs and organizations like ABWA (American Business Women’s Assn.) And check with your school - OSU urged me to apply for a competitive research scholarship offered by the science college because of my major (biological science). Sigh…that one’s still up in the air since they’ve not made their decisions yet. I would love to have this scholarship, not just because of the money, but because I’d love to learn the critical thinking skills necessary to do research (and medicine) as well as have my own research project. All I know for sure is that somehow God will provide so that I can go to school AND meet our financial obligations, whether it is through scholarships, working part-time, or even kind people who just say "here…use this for school."
Oh, yes…one other possibility for you…try Key Education Resource (can’t remember their web address, but doing a search on their name will take you right to them). Their phone # is 800/539-5363. They’re the only place I’ve found so far that will include living expenses in an education loan (minimum $500 tuition loan) for UNDERGRADUATES. I was planning on using them, but we filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and I’d have to have a cosigner. They’re worth looking into.
Best wishes!

Hi Erica:
I found these two websites that may interest you. I haven’t thoroughly investigated yet, but here they are:
Adult Student Grants
Financial Aid Resource Center - Resources for Adults
Talk to you later! – Lori

Thanks–these are all great ideas! I am also looking at taking on a very part time position of 6 hrs week writing behavioral treatment plans for an agency that works with autistic children. The pay is good but the director is kind of nutty. lol