school + work is becoming too much


I took physics1/chem1 last semester and got A’s and I worked fulltime.

This semester is the same deal, fulltime work and 2 classes + labs. I am struggling to keep up with my studies now because the material is a bit more involved, and our professors are moving faster because they didnt get to cover everything they wanted last semester (we have the same professors for both semesters of physics/chem). I need more time to study now, and I cant seem to find that time. I feel like i only have time to study for exactly whatever test is coming…then play catch-up with the other subject.

I asked my boss today if I can work part-time, and he said he will speak with his boss (my director), but there is a good chance my request will get denied.

Financially I can survive without a job for a very long time and paying tuition/bills is not a problem…this job pays well and thats the only reason i’m working here.

Anyone else ever encounter this dilemma? I was planning on quitting in 6 months anyway.

Update: instead of asking for part time…I’m going to use a 1/2 day vacation for maybe every week for the rest of the semester. I’ll see how it goes. Also my boss hasn’t spoke with my director yet…and maybe there is not a need too yet.

Hi Lucifer

well I am taking care of my kids full time during the day and teach part-time at night. I started the semester with two classes PhysI and ChemI (having a PhD in biochem, this is stuff I did in the past and not hard for me). Yet I decided to drop PhysI because I was missing 45 min per week on a lecture due to commute and timing with my wife. I am pretty sure I could have scored As only but attendance was a good part of the grade.

So rather than getting a B and redo it, I will try to do it later. It won’t kill to slow down a bit.

As for you, you have a good paying job. If I were you, I would take one semester off classes and take the MCAT. Then if the score if high enough, quit and go full time to school. Now easy for me to say because my education covered everything on the MCAT (but the verbal stuff). So I have the science basis in chem, ochem, phys and bio. But that’s what I’d do in your situation.

Good luck, keep us up to snuff.